‘Delicadeza: Father-and-son durian fantasy’ at iba pang masalimuot na kwento ng rehimeng Duterte: 2017 Year-End Report

'Delicadeza: Father-and-son durian fantasy' at iba pang masalimuot na kwento ng rehimeng Duterte: 2017 Year-End Report

Bigyan natin ng malaking parangal si Bernard Ong.

Kung hindi dahil sa kanyang daily dose of satire baka marami na sa ating mga kababayan ngayon ang nawalan ng pag-asa na bumangon at labanan ang bawat dagok ng kanilang buhay brought about by this cold, insensitive and murderous regime of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

Ong’s skillful use of satire effectively exposes the abuses, stupidity, and shortcomings of Pres. Duterte, to include his political dynasty and his blind followers, whose campaign slogan of “real change” and compassion remains to be seen and felt by the Filipino people in his 17 months of leading the country.

MAGBASA AT TUMAWA (bago magalit):



Philippine cinema has kept up with our status as ‘best country in the world’.

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5. Drug War: The Rise of Davao Group
6. Corrupt Son. Hidden Dragon
7. Imeldific: Fashion, Debut and Fruits of Shabu
8. Delicadeza: Father-and-son durian fantasy
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The father-and-son conversation that didn’t happen.

R: Bakit ka nag-resign? Nangako ka ba na mag-resign kung hindi matapos ang droga sa 6 months?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: Tapusin ng krimen?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: Tapusin ang korapsyon?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: Makinig ka Anak ha. Yang mga pangako buladas lang yan. Marami tayong supporters madali mauto. Konting promise lang, palakpakan na mga yan.

R: Nakalimutan ba i-absuelto ni Gordon ang kaso mo?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: DOJ at NBI ni Aguirre – inimbestigahan ka ba?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: Inamin ba ni Faeldon na kasama ka sa Davao Group?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: Pumirma ka ba ng bank waiver? Nagpakita ng tattoo?
P: Hindi, Pa.

R: E lusot ka pala eh. Bakit?
P: Delicadeza, Pa.
R: Buang ka pala. Hindi uso sa atin yan.

R: Hoy Inday. Sabihin mo leave lang. Balik natin ‘tong loko kapag di na maiinit




Lesson #1 Hang out with Chinese lords
Lesson #2 Never show Triad tattoo
Lesson #3 Don’t sign bank waiver 
Lesson #4 Refuse to answer questions
Lesson #5 Blame the wife
Lesson #6 Be like Tatay



“There are recent and unfortunate events in my life that are closely tied to my failed first marriage. These, among others, include the maligning of my reputation in the recent name-dropping incident in the Bureau of Customs smuggling case… The other person in this failed relationship is incorrigible and cannot be controlled.”

Translation: My first wife is responsible for dragging my name into P6.4B Davao Group shabu smuggling.

1. If true, the wife should be investigated, charged and arrested. But months and months after the incident, such investigation hasn’t happened.

2. Otherwise, this sounds like a ploy to pass blame for Davao Group to someone else.

3. Before P6.4B shabu smuggling case, his name was already linked by whistleblower Lascanas for interceding on behalf of drug lord Charlie Tan in the “arbor” incident. No wifey mentioned there.

4. And before that, both NBI and Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group reported in Dec 2007 that he was responsible for the smuggling of SUVs, luxury cars, rice, sugar, and ukay-ukay into Davao. No wifey in those reports either.

The wife simply does not have such power to move billions in cars, rice, sugar or shabu. And if she was name-dropping her way to a criminal smuggling spree, she should have been locked up 10 years ago.

The only constant in all those cases is the protection given by the trapo-warlord that emboldens the son to act with impunity.

Like father, like son: corrupt, deadly, above the law.




You broke my heart. You promised to end drugs, crime and corruption in 6 months or resign.

Instead you buried the dictator-plunderer a hero. You teamed up with Marcos and Arroyo. You killed thousands of suspects in slums. You let your buddy Peter Lim go.

You refused to sign bank waiver on your accounts with alleged P2.4B deposit transactions. You appointed incompetent and corrupt officials – many recycled from Gloria’s trash bin. You fired a few appointees for alleged corruption, but none of them landed in jail. You did not resign.

Another year has passed and it has gotten worse.

You got OFWs home early – to bury their dead children. You tried to cut a deal to absolve Marcoses of criminal liability in exchange for peanuts. You downgraded the charges versus your brods from non-bailable plunder to bailable bribery. You are looking to downgrade if not dismiss charges versus Napoles. You invited Maute to burn Marawi. They took you up on your invitation.

You also invited China to put up new telco – without bidding, without spying safeguards, without transparency. Possibly with lots of commissions. You practically buried our UN Tribunal victory over South China Sea to make your Chinese masters happy. You blamed Taiwan, rather than China, for shabu supply. You refuse to investigate Davao Group for P6.4B shabu smuggling (P22.2B counting the tons that got away). You advised the suspected ringleader – your son – to keep quiet.

It’s been 18 months and 2 Christmases. When will you keep your promise and resign.




Bato told families of the victims of PNP drug war ‘Nanlaban’ killings: Move on. Walang forever.

It is an insult for killers-in-uniform to ask victims to forget.

The child who will grow up orphaned will remember. The widow who has to make ends meet and raise the family all by herself will remember. The parents who buried their snatched-and-executed children will remember.

True there is no forever. But there is divine karma. And there is human justice as well. If not here in “the safest country in the world”, then at International Criminal Court.




Congress voted 240 to 27 (9 to 1) for Martial Law extension.

In contrast, only 26% of SWS survey respondents support it.

A case has been filed at Supreme Court to invalidate the extension.

1987 Philippine Constitution allows martial law only “in case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it.”

There is no significant invasion or rebellion in Mindanao to warrant martial law. The government has declared victory in Marawi. There are no other significant battlefronts in the island.

Sure there are threats from Moro insurgents, jihadist factions, NPA fronts. But none that AFP cannot handle without resorting to martial law.

The public does not feel unsafe to the point of supporting martial law. In Mindanao itself, 62% oppose the extension.

It should be a clear-cut case. Unless Supreme Court follows Congress in following the president – rather than correctly interpret the Constitution and listen to the sentiments of our people.

The imbeciles in Congress are focused on pork, not people’s welfare. They play Blind, Deaf and Dumb to get Rich. Will the Supreme Court be wiser than the imbeciles?


Ang tanong: Ano naman kaya ang panibagong kabulagtusan ng rehimeng Duterte by 2018?


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