Sino ang mga tunay na kontrabida at nagpalumpo sa ating bayan

Sino ang mga tunay na kontrabida at nagpalumpo sa ating bayan

Mula kay Bernard Ong:


DDS ‘major bloggers’ are making a big deal out of INQ naming PAB and others who combat fake news as “Filipinos of the Year” over soldiers who liberated Marawi.

Let’s get this out of the way:

Fact-checkers who fight fake news are patriots. Soldiers who fought terrorists in Marawi are patriots. Both serve their country in their own ways. There are other categories of those who made meaningful contributions too. In my book, they are all Filipinos of the Year.

Now, who are doing disservice to this country:

1. Traitors who say “we won’t give an inch of territory” to China but don’t register one decibel of protest when China builds a 2.8 square km military base in Kagitingan Reef, Kalayaan Islands, Palawan. This puts the entire country within striking distance of Chinese missiles and planes.

2. Corrupt leaders who give 3rd telco license to China without bidding, without due diligence, without congressional franchise as provided by law. This allows China to tap into even our internal voice and data communications inside the country.

3. Conmen and fake news peddlers who fabricate and orchestrate the distribution lies to the public.

Examples: Safest city in the world. Marcos a hero. Marcos did not steal, he just took gold to save the economy. China not reclaiming or militarizing our disputed areas – trust them, good faith. China will save the Philippines. Taiwan not China is source of our shabu. 7m addicts in the Philippines. Zero EJK victims because all were Nanlaban.

These lies have real impact on the country. Loss of aid for failing to meet corruption & rule of law hurdles. Potential loss of EU GSP+ trade status. Loss of tourists who fear 7m addicts. Loss of aquatic and mineral resources.

4. Speaking of Marawi: Who said “I don’t consider Abu Sayyaf criminals”. Who told Maute “You want to burn Marawi? Go ahead, be my guest”. Who spent his 400% higher confi and intel funds on wrong priorities that the government ended up largely clueless when it truly mattered?

Who took all his top security officials to Moscow junket when Abu chief Hapilon hooked up with Maute in Marawi – getting caught with his pajamas down when his invited guests indeed showed up and burned Marawi.

These leadership failures and incompetence are what placed the lives of our soldiers at risk in the first place.

No. It is not fact-checker versus soldier.

It is fact-checker vs fake news peddlers. Patriots vs Chinese agents & traitors. Heroes on the front-line vs bad leaders who sacrifice people’s lives with their incompetence and arrogance.


Ang tanong: Totoo ba na si Duterte at ang kanyang mga DDS at  alipores ang tunay na hadlang sa pag unlad ng Pilipinas?

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