Mula kay Bernard Ong:

Dino Natuto

Martin Dino was recycled from his 16-bodyguard bully post at SBMA and appointed to DILG Undersecretary. He’s promptly making noise to please the boss.

First on his agenda, requiring barangay officials to submit a list of drug pushers in their areas.

1. Recall that in 2017, Duterte postponed the barangay elections claiming the barangays were infested by drug syndicates and officials get elected using drug money.

So Dino is now asking the same officials suspected of drug links to produce lists of pushers in their areas?

2. What happens to such ‘lists of suspects’? Investigation? Due process?

If you go by the president himself, he just broadcasts non-validated lists – including long dead people, wrong names, wrong designations. PNP or vigilantes go after them with raids – sometimes at night in prison, sometimes serving an arrest warrant in a grenade. Many EJK or ‘Nanlaban’ victims came from such lists.

3. Would you trust Dino with records like made-up drug lists?

This was the guy who filed for candidate as placeholder to enable Duterte to run belatedly by substitution. He actually filed a certificate of candidacy for Pasay City Mayor, not President. In other words, incompetent – like most in the Best and Brightest cabinet.

Ang tanong: Ano kaya ang dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay hindi matapos tapos ng Duterte administration ang giyera kontra-droga?

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