Paano binatikos si Mocha after sinabi nya na ‘drama’ ang ginawa ng mga aktibistang madre noong EDSA 1

Paano binatikos si Mocha after sinabi nya na 'drama' ang ginawa ng mga aktibistang madre noong EDSA 1

Sabi ni Mocha Uson isang “drama” ang ginawa ng mga madre when they fought against Marcos dictatorship noong EDSA 1.

Dahil sa kanyang insulting remarks, umani si Mocha nga mga batikos lalo na sa mga respetadong mamamahayag at manunulat:

Mula kay Ed Lingao:

Dear Assec Mocha and the MOCHA USON BLOG:

I will try to understand your inability to comprehend what it was like to use your body to block Marines and their 37-ton Amtraks from advancing to Camp Aguinaldo to quell a military mutiny. I suppose wala ka naman duon.

If people are able to show true courage in the face of overwhelming power, then that is armor stronger than you would ever be able to comprehend. it is unfortunate if that is beyond your understanding.

What I cannot understand is where you get the nerve to imply that this was all theatrics.

If you want samples of theatrics, there are more appropriate samples out there, like the one on a lady assistant secretary’s blog where she shows herself plinking targets with a rifle, with the caption that says “training kahapon bago pumunta sa Mindanao.” Or one where she is reading law books.

You are an assistant secretary for social media. The title given you means that you are to be the best example of social media use; it is not a license to abuse your influence over social media. You are supposed to show the way, not act like a common troll. If you are really interested in taking up law, please do read RA 6713 for starters. It is the code of conduct for government officials and employees. That may put you on the right track.

BTW, did you know that your Tatay’s mother Nanay Soling was part of the anti-dictatorship movement, and led the Yellow Friday group in Davao? Could she have taken part in the local “drama” in Davao too? Salamat.

Mula kay Joel Pablo Salud:

…”Nag-drama” ang mga madre sa EDSA 1? Talaga? While facing Marcos’ tanks?

I have to admit, you’re really a unique person. I’ve never met anyone who gives morons and stupid-ass nitwits a really bad name–until you came along. That’s quite an achievement even for such a bleep as you! I mean, wow. Blood flow to the brain must really be hard to come by these days, what with all that fat paid for by the people’s coffers running in your veins, huh.

And for those who are saying that we should be thankful to the erstwhile dictator for not bombing or firing at the crowd during EDSA 1, I have this to say. I was there. Among the millions who braved the streets, with songs and poems and their rage.

And you know what? The soldiers themselves that day had decided to side with the people. That’s why they never fired a single shot. That’s why they accepted, with smiles on their faces, flowers handed to them by the crowd. They had severed all ties with the dictator.

Marcos knew he had lost control of the republic’s armed forces. As a last ditch effort to save face, he and his lapdog Gen. Ver did their little skit on national TV–Marcos openly refusing the suggestion of Ver to attack the crowd. Fucking lame, if you ask me.

Besides, even if the instructions were carried out, you think they’d survive the rage of a little over 2 million people who’d been out on the streets for days, backed up by several ranking officers and soldiers of the armed forces?

And one more thing: do not effing think for one second that “People Power” is an Aquino franchise. Hello. It was the people’s revolution–hard-fought and won by millions who cared enough to be there when they were needed, not by one person holed up somewhere.

Our people had won their freedom that day from an ugly, ruthless tyrant. The Filipino is the real icon of democracy.

Mula kay Katrina Stuart Santiago:

Hey Asec #Mocha. Face a tank, long firearms, the military with orders to kill you, face that at a time when citizens could be killed and disappeared by the State, face that and survive, and THEN maybe you can throw these nuns some shade.

Otherwise, you’re a fool to think that what you’re doing will discredit the religious, or #EDSA1986. You’re just making it easier for us to unite against that father of yours whose feet you kiss.

Ang tanong: Sa gitna ng kanyang P100K plus na monthly sahod at bonuses/allowances na mula sa ating mga buwis, bakit hinahayaan natin si Mocha sa kanyang hate speech, insults, disinformation, misinformation, foolishness, lies, atbp na mga kabulagtusan laban sa mamamayan?


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