Saan nagkamali ang mga DDS at drug war apologists sa usapin ng drug war

Saan nagkamali ang mga DDS at drug war apologists sa usapin ng drug war

Di na magtatagal at magsisimula na ang International Criminal Court ng United Nations in its preliminary examination into crimes allegedly done by the Duterte administration ukol sa drug war nito. Ang pangyayari na ito ay isa sa mga ikinababahala ng administration.

Uulitin natin, tama ang kampanya laban sa droga. Pero mali ito kung “kill, kill, kill” lang ang focus nito at na set aside ang karapatang pantao. Higit sa lahat, kapag ang mga malalaking isda ay hindi parin nahuhuli at patuloy ang mga riding in tandem killers kasama na ang mga tiwaling kapulisan sa pagpatay ng mga inosente.

Ayon kay opposition senator Antonio Trillanes IV, over 20, 000 people na ang namatay dahil dito.

Ang hindi natin maintindihan ay bakit sa gitna ng maraming patayan sa bansa over this drug war ay marami din sa atin ay hindi pa convince na may kamalian sa programa na ito.

Sa post ng isang award-winning at credible na media personality na si Inday Espina Varona, she criticized the lapses ng pag-iisip ng mga Duterte drug war apologists like Sass Ragot.


Aaaaaah, Digong’s world-class apologist!

Here’s hers — Sass Ragot — and [mine]:

1. Duterte’s threats are just “asides” and he told cops to shoot only when their lives are in danger.

[Gurl, that’s a lot of lives (thousands) snuffed out because of the asides.
Those asides are regular staples of the President’s speeches, so much so that these are practically official policy statements.

They cannot be mere asides when the President pledges to pardon cops for murders, when the PNP/DILG refuses to release records into supposed probes for independent bodies to review. And then there’s the trail of bodies linked to operations by Davao transplants.]

2. But the Tatay persuaded over a million to surrender and change their lives.

[BS is BS. Tokhang is a program that coerces people to admit guilt sans lawyers, sans formal charges, sans warrants. Only a knock on the door and a message to surrender, or else.

Those who respond to the call to protest their innocence find that they only have two options: admit you are an addict or admit you are a pusher.

On top of the lack of due process is the lack of an avenue for redress over false accusations gathered from whispers in the wind.

And since intel gathering also consists of torturing youth into pointing at anyone, including kin, and cops threaten to take substitute surrenders or nanlaban folks for every person who has fled the carnage, your apology doesn’t wash.
There’s money for operations leading to killings and a slashed budget for rehabilitation — the logical conclusion to the presidential policy statement that evicts Filipino drug addicts from the list of human beings.]

3. Tokhang has rescued minors.

[See above. Also, rescue is a government task. Coercion and killings are a violation of the limits imposed on that task.
More than 60 children killed. You remember Kian delos Santos?
Your tatay hugged his grieving parents, promising justice, and then a few days after turned around and defended the cops who dragged a hapless, unarmed youth through community alleys before executing him.

You remember Carl and Kulot? The first brought to a precinct and then taken out for execution; the second, tortured and killed by beasts.

That the cases of Kian and Carl are moving is not a gift of your Tatay but the result of public pressure and the courage of witnesses to expose police lies.]

4. Why doesn’t the world help the Tatay?

[You want the world to applaud mass murder? Or you want the world to help in the so-called rehab program that the government can hardly be pushed to implement properly?

Your tatay boasts this country does not need aid if it is tied to human rights. He insists that aid donors should accept and submit to his blood thirsty policies. ]

Humarap ka sa mga Nanay at kapatid ng mga pinatay sa utos ng Tatay mo nang matauhan ka.

Ang tanong: Bakit nahihirapan ang mga Duterte apologists like Sass in convincing the Filipino people that the administration’s Tokhang program under its drug war ay para sa ating kapakanan?

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