NAKAKALULA! Sangkatirbang kasinungalinan mula sa drug war, ICC-mass murder cases, at apologists ni Duterte

NAKAKALULA! Sangkatirbang kasinungalinan mula sa drug war, ICC-mass murder cases, at apologists ni Duterte

Mula kay Bernard Ong:


So many lies unraveling in past few days. A feast for truth-seekers. Let’s pause and try to put all these in one place.


DOJ prosecutors dismissed cases versus Peter Lim, Peter Co, Kerwin Espinosa, Faeldon for “lack of evidence”.

• Not enough evidence because they did not want to investigate. No different from P6.4B shabu smuggler Davao Group – Small, Pulong, Tita Nanielet – who remain free.

• Public backlash forced Aguirre & Duterte to blame prosecutors. But prosecutors won’t clear top-ranked drug lords without bosses’ consent.

• Prosecutor who cleared drug lords was even promoted to RTC judge where he can dismiss cases versus drug lords.
• “I hate drugs” debunked by “I love drug lords”.

• Sham drug war. Small suspects get killed while big fish get away.

• Parallels with the ICC withdrawal below: same drug war, same mastermind, same intent to let the big fish get away unpunished.

• One loose end from this lie: De Lima is in jail principally on the testimonies of these drug lords. Not one gram of shabu or one centavo of drug money as evidence. If no drug lords, ergo no case. #FreeLeilaNow

• DDS in uncomfortable position of having to defend a drug protector. This is a game-changer. From now on DDS = #DuterteDrugSupporters




Duterte announced ‘immediate withdrawal’ from ICC via press conference. His reasons: UN officials were trying to paint him as a ‘ruthless and heartless’ human right violator, violation of his rights to due process and presumption of innocence.


• Withdrawal betrays ignorance of Rome Statute. Should be written notice to UN Secretary General. Effective only one year from receipt. Has no effect on pending cases. Duterte remains accountable for alleged crimes against humanity.

• He is mixing up UNCHR with ICC. He is facing an ICC investigation. ICC has not publicly indicated any pre-judgement on him. ICC has not violated his due process.

• Who is responsible for his ‘ruthless and heartless human rights violator’ image? Let’s see. He boasts of wanting to kill 3m, turning Manila Bay red with blood, making God weep, eating terror suspects alive. It is his own hubris and arrogance that created this ‘Punisher’ self-image. His entire political brand is built around this butcher.

• The UN is not responsible for 20,000 dead bodies from his drug war either. Image flows from reality.

• Those victims did not enjoy due process or presumption of innocence – which he now conveniently invokes for his benefit. Of course, Duterte is entitled to both. Which is why ICC preliminary investigations were initiated: to determine probable cause.



First the earlier spin was welcoming ICC and confidently expecting acquittal. Then when the boss flees from ICC, they parrot the ‘due process’ stand. Roque predicted “an avalanche of countries will withdraw from ICC. This is the beginning of the end”.

• From confidence in acquittal to running away from ICC. Change of tune betrays panic. Unlike local judges, ICC will not buy the Nanlaban excuse. An investigation will likely lead to indictment and ultimately conviction.

• DDS mantra “Kung hindi guilty, bakit ka takot” applies here.

• Avalanche of countries quitting ICC? Let’s see. In Oct 2016, 3 African countries – Burundi, Gambia and South Africa – filed their notices to leave. Burundi left in Oct 2017. Gambia (change of president) and South Africa (court ruling) both rescinded their withdrawals.

• Their primary reason for withdrawal? Burundi officials faced war crimes charges. Their exit is like Duterte – an attempt to evade accountability. This did not stop ICC investigation.

• Gambia & South Africa (plus Kenya & Namibia who did not file notice to leave) felt ICC was focused on only on crimes in Africa. How will African countries react to ICC finally investigating crimes in Asia?

• How many other heads of states are in same boat as Duterte that they would pull out ICC to evade justice? The usual suspects on human rights violations – China, Saudi, North Korea, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey – are not signatories. Russia signed but Putin said they would no longer ratify. US too has not ratified.

• Where will the avalanche come from? The only avalanche I see are the lies pouring out to defend the indefensible.
• Beginning of the end? Not for ICC. For the regime accused of mass murder.

Ang tanong: Papayag nalang ba tayo na maging ganito under Duterte administration?

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