'Mga sibilya’t inosente, sabay-sabay na inatake. Sa naghuhumiyaw na liwanag, walang-awang pinagpapaslang'

‘Mga sibilya’t inosente, sabay-sabay na inatake. Sa naghuhumiyaw na liwanag, walang-awang pinagpapaslang’


Mga sibilya’t inosente
Sabay-sabay na inatake
Sa naghuhumiyaw na liwanag
Walang-awang pinagpapaslang
Ng mga asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo
Asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo

Ngunit sino ang syang tutugis
At sino ang siyang dadakip
Sino ang siyang mag-uutos
At sino ang masusunod?
Mga asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo
Asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo

Sila ang sinasabi, sila ang itinuturo
Ng maraming nakasaksi
Silang pinalaki ng Hari at Reyna
Sila ang mga salarin, nakawala, nakawala,nakawala!

Silang nagbabantay ng trono
Sinanay ng dayong sundalo
Upang lalong manatili
Ang amo nila sa paghahari
Mga asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo
Asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo!

Saklot ng takot ang paligid
Mga aso’y umaaligid
Unipormado’t mata’y nanlilisik
Sa mga tao sila’y mababangis
Mga asong ulol, asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo
Asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo

Ulitin ang KORUS

Mga asong ulol, asong ulol ng palasyo… nakawala!!

Danny Fabella/Musikangbayan, 2017




Mula kay Bernard Ong:


China said yesterday that it warned off a US Navy destroyer that sailed within 12 nautical miles of Scarborough Shoal.

“The Chinese Navy carried out identification and verification procedures in accordance with the law and warned the US vessel to leave.”

The Chinese are acting as if they own Scarborough. They don’t. And the Philippines should immediately protest their preposterous claim.


1. First, some basic geography.

Scarborough Shoal or Panatag is 140 miles off Zambales. It is 400 miles away from nearest Chinese land mass – Hainan island. It is a shoal, not an island. Under international law (UNCLOS), shoals do not generate maritime or exclusive economic zones. Only land masses generate 200-mile EEZ. Scarborough is within Luzon’s 200-mile EEZ.

2. Under Philippine law, Scarborough Shoal is part of Philippine territory.

“R.A. 9522. Section 2. The baseline in the following areas over which the Philippines likewise exercises sovereignty and jurisdiction shall be determined as “Regime of Islands” under the Republic of the Philippines consistent with Article 121 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS): a) The Kalayaan Island Group as constituted under Presidential Decree No. 1596; and b) Bajo de Masinloc, also known as Scarborough Shoal.”

3. Under 2016 UN Tribunal ruling:

• China has no historic rights over Scarborough: No evidence that China had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or their resources. No legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources within the sea areas falling within the ‘nine-dash line’.

• Reefs and natural features cannot generate maritime zones. Only naturally habitable islands can. None of the features claimed by China is capable of generating an ‘exclusive economic zone’. Certain sea areas – such as Scarborough – are within EEZ of Philippines because these are not overlapped by any possible entitlement of China.


The President swore an oath to execute the law.

1987 Constitution. Article VII. Section 5. “Before they enter on the execution of their office, the President, the Vice-President, or the Acting President shall take the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself to the service of the Nation. So help me God.”

When a foreign power undertakes actions claiming part of Philippine territory, the president – thru his representative such as the DFA Secretary – should vigorously oppose such a move. Doing nothing is tantamount of acceptance of the invader’s claim.

Mr. President, fulfill your sworn oath. Time to wake up from your kulambo.

Ang tanong: Bakit kaya malambot ang puso ni Duterte para sa China pero marahas ang kanyang gawi para sa sambayanang Pilipino? 

Bakit nag protesta ang buong pamilya ng Bautista laban sa Thomasian award for Government Service ni Mocha Uson

Bakit nag protesta ang buong pamilya ng Bautista laban sa Thomasian award for Government Service ni Mocha Uson

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Alumni Association bestowed the Thomasian Alumni Award for Government Service to Mocha Uson on Sunday, Jan. 21.

Kaso lang may sabit si Mocha sa larangan ng “real” public service.

Alam nating lahat–whether tayo ay DDS or not–that Mocha is purveyor of fake news, hate speech, and divisiveness sa ating bansa.

Ito ang dahilan kung bakit marami ang nagagalit at nasusuka when she received the award on stage during the ceremony.

Pati kapwa awardees nya, mga dating awardees, UST student body and even the University administration itself expressed disgust and disapproval sa pagtanggap nya sa award.

Halimbawa na dito ay ang Bautista family.



We were conferred the “Thomasian Family of the Year” award in 1975. We glow as gold as gold can glow.

Our father, Felix B. Bautista, graduated from UST, AB Political Science, in 1948, and in his senior year was editor of the Varsitarian. He worked at UST as a professor of journalism and served as the Publications Director of the Varsitarian for many years.

Our mother, Lourdes S. Bautista, also graduated from UST, summa cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1946 and a Master’s degree in English in 1948. The Faculty of Arts and Letters named her “Model Mother and Teacher”. It was at UST where she taught Philosophy, Social Sciences, English, Literature, and Theology subjects for all of 38 years. In 1995 she was recalled from retirement and served at the University’s Campus Ministry office until 1998. At 94 years old, she continues to visit UST regularly.

All the twelve children of Felix and Nena are Thomasian alumni, with many of us having studied at UST all our lives, from kinder to college. Among us are valedictorians, summas, magnas, cums, a board topnotcher, TOTAL awardees, Varsitarian editors-in-chief, campus leaders. We carried the name of our school with pride as we pursued our careers and made our mark as professionals.

UST was our second home during our growing up years. It was at UST where we made lifelong friendships, where we learned lessons that have stood us in good stead all our lives. It was UST that helped mold us into the responsible, God-fearing, and yes, successful, adults we are today.

This is why it disgusts and pains us so much that the Alumni Association of UST named Mocha Uson an awardee for Government Service. The citation given to her yesterday read “in recognition of her public service leadership, exemplifying the Thomasian Core Values of Competence, Compassion and Commitment, thus being instrumental as Catalyst of Transformational Change towards an empowering nation-building”. What has she done to deserve the award? More pointedly, what has she done to NOT deserve the award? This second question will yield a kilometric list of reasons why she should not have been given the award.

We know that the University and the Alumni Association are two different entities. But the USTAAI is supposed to represent us, the alumni. The USTAAI is supposed to represent everything that is good and noble about being a Thomasian.

We call on UST to make a statement that will salvage our lost pride in our school.

We call on the USTAAI Board to rescind the award, and if they do not do that, to resign. NOW. As any worthy Thomasian would.


Ang tanong: Saan kaya kumukuha ng lakas ng loob si Mocha nang tinanggap nya ang award sa gitna ng kanyang issue on fake news?

‘Mga kababayan ko, ang direct appeal ko sa inyo, huwag kayong maghintay na hindi na kayo makapagsalita. Magsalita kayo ngayon.’

‘Mga kababayan ko, ang direct appeal ko sa inyo, huwag kayong maghintay na hindi na kayo makapagsalita. Magsalita kayo ngayon.’

“Mga kababayan ko, ang direct appeal ko sa inyo, huwag kayong maghintay na hindi na kayo makapagsalita. Magsalita kayo ngayon.”

Ito ang panawagan ni Former senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. sa madlang Pinoy after the Duterte-backed House of Congress led by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez is hell-bent in pushing federal form of government maski kulang pa sa tamang impormasyon ang mga mamamayan ukol dito.

Kinalaban naman ni Pimentel ang proposed transitory period to a federal form of government that would last up to 10 years.

“Totally unacceptable, I would like to say,” sabi ni Pimentel on “Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie” last week.

“Kayo pong, lahat kayo na nasa poder ngayon who are elected officials nandidiyan kayo kasi gusto ng taumbayan  nandun kayo. Huwag ninyong isa tabi yung proceso where the people would exercise their sovereignty to place you in power, just so you can stay in power forever,”

Pimentel, the father of the 1991 Local Government Code, said.

Sabi ni Pimentel, ang kailangan ng gobyerno ay gumawa ng maayos na public hearings nationwide para maintindihan ng lahat ang federalism.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon hit Alvarez over his remarks that the House of Representatives can convene itself into a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) without the senators voting it.

“Kapag pinapalitan ang pangalan ng kalsada o high school ay kailangan sumang-ayon ng Senado, lalo na siguro sa pag-amyenda sa Saligang Batas ay kailangan naman na sumang-ayon ang Senado sa pamamagitan ng separate voting,” Drilon said.

Ang Con-Ass ang syang magbibigay daan to draft amendments to the Constitution for the proposed federalism form of government.

Ang tanong: Bakit kaya atat na atat si House Speaker Alvarez at ang kampo ni Duterte na baguhin ang ating Saligang Batas tungo sa federalismo? 

PANOORIN: Paano binulgar ni Duterte na ‘bilyonaryo’ si Bong Go

PANOORIN: Paano binulgar ni Duterte na ‘bilyonaryo’ si Bong Go

Sa kanyang January 16 press conference, sinigawan ni Pres. Duterte ang Rappler’s Malacañang Palace reporter na si Pia Ranada dahil sa kanilang report that Bong Go allegedly intervened in the choice of supplier for P15.5 billion frigate project ng Philippine Navy.

Sa gitna ng kanyang pagsasalita, nasabi ng pangulo ang isang bagay na hindi inaasahan na malaman ng madlang Pinoy.

Binunyag ni Duterte na ang kanyang kanang kamay na si Bong Go ay bilyonaryo.


“Alam mo, hindi ako mag-yabang pero bilyonaryo ‘to, sa totoo lang. Punta kayong Davao, tanungin niyo kung sino ‘yan. Itong mga ganito…[You know, I’m not bragging but the fact is, Go is a billionaire. Go to Davao. Find out who he is….]

“It seems to appear na intervening because of what? Money? The things that you are telling here never happened….”

Totoo ba na si Bong Go ay bilyonaryo?

Sa analysis ng isang award-winning and veteran investigative journalist na si Raissa Robles, sinabi nya that “reporters have no idea if he is.”

“Because Bong Go’s net worth nor SALN (Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth) have never been released by Malacañang Palace,” Robles wrote.

“As for Duterte’s defense that Bong Go doesn’t care for any under-the-table deals because he’s already very rich – well, that kind of argument has been contradicted by Duterte himself.

“Duterte has repeatedly accused ‘the elite’ – who are presumably very rich – of engaging in various anomalies to defraud the government.”



Ang tanong: Ano kaya ang ang magiging kahihinatnan sa trabaho at personalidad ni Bong Go sa Palasyo pagkatapos ibinunyag ni Duterte na sya ay “billionaire”?

From a fake news crusader to book author and Filipino of the Year, hindi na talaga matatawaran ang credibilidad ni Jover Laurio a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog

From a fake news crusader to book author and Filipino of the Year, hindi na talaga matatawaran ang credibilidad ni Jover Laurio a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog

Ilagay mo man ang lahat na Duterte keyboard defenders sa isang silid, wala parin silang binatbat sa credibilidad at katapangan ni Jover Laurio a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog.

Alam na natin ang kwento ni Laurio.

From an anonymous blogger at kritiko sa mga kabulagtusan ng ating gobyerno hanggang nailitaw ang kanyang totoong pangalan sa isang malisyosong paraan, pinapanindigan ni Laurio ang kanyang krusada laban sa fake news na syang ginamit ng mga DDS socmed operators para mailito ang mamamayan sa tunay na isyu ng bayan.

Dahil sa kanyang laban kontra kasinungalingan, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, ang number 1 newspaper ng bansa, named the 38-year-old law student as one of the Filipinos of the Year for 2017.

Aside from being a regular guest in national and international media interviews (na ikina-iinggit naman ng mga DDS) on issues of EJKs, corruption, fake news, and rights abuses of the government,  Laurio also managed to publish her own book based on her Pinoy Ako Blog entries.

 “I wrote behind the cloak of anonymity, because when you write something against the government, about the children who are orphaned in this war on drugs, and if you call out the administration for false claims, you receive hate from the government’s army of trolls.”

Ito ang sabi ni Laurio during the launching of her book.

“But the threats are not enough to invalidate the issue that I am trying to point out: that the government lies.”

Sa isang report ng New York Times, inilahad din ni Laurio kung bakit patuloy syang nakipaglaban against the kapalpakan ng Duterte administration lalo na sa kanyang “balahura” officials.

“The situation that we have right now is not acceptable,” Laurio said.

 “Our countrymen are dying on the streets each day. At the same time these politicians feel that they can just do whatever that they want.

“Right now, I am jobless. But still doing the same thing — exposing and fighting the spread of fake news,” she added.

“My love for this country is greater than the fear that I have about the administration or my detractors.

“Every day, my mantra is: ‘I inhale courage and exhale fear.’”

Ang tanong: Paano kaya natin matutulongan si Jover Laurio a.k.a Pinoy Ako Blog sa kanyang laban against fake news?

PANOORIN: Paano sinagot ni Davao mayor Sara Duterte ang isyu tungkol sa kanilang SALN

PANOORIN: Paano sinagot ni Davao mayor Sara Duterte ang isyu tungkol sa kanilang SALN

Mayor Sara Duterte’s response on VERA Files investigative report, from City Government of Davao:

“Actually nag-participate ko sa ilahang story.

Naghatag ko og comment. Nag ingon ko nga gina-question nato ang truthfulness sa data ni Trillanes kung tinuod gyud na o dili ang iyahang gina-claim. (We were asking him) to produce kung kinsa ang naghatag sa iyaha sa data.

And hangtod kaon, dili man niya ma-produce kung kina ang naghatag sa data, because otherwise kung ing-ana lang na siya, all in the basis of claims, it’s just rumormongering. And nagatago siya sa iyahang parliamentary immunity para dili siya namo magukod.

So, napasadahan nako siya (ang report) and then wala nako kasabot sa ilahang gipangsulti didto and wala nako kasabot kay naa naman toy mga numbers, mao gipasa nalang nako sa akoang lawyer.

And then ingon akong lawyer nga ireview daw niya indepth, but on the suface, it’s the same issue during election during PRD. But this time, it’s much more kay naay haka-haka na gipang sulti didto.

Ana siya, ready naman daw siya anytime, ang lawyer, kay gibuhatan naman na nila og explanation before just in case moabot siya sa korte.

The only time na I am bound to answer is when naay court case na i-file sila.” ( Text Source: Mindanao Times)

Below is the introduction of the investigative report published by the country’s credible and award-winning investigative media organization VERA FILES:

President Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter Sara omitted to fully disclose their joint deposits and investments at the Bank of Philippine Islands, which conservatively exceeded P100 million in some years, when they were mayor and vice mayor of Davao City, our analysis of bank records submitted to Congress and their annual net worth declarations shows.

According to the bank records, Duterte and Sara’s transactions with BPI, initially its Greenhills-EDSA branch and later the Julia Vargas branch, included:

  • A P48.17 million placement in 2006 that grew to P55.13 million by 2013
  • A P40.55 million investment in 2009 that stood at P41.72 million in 2013
  • About $220,000, roughly P10 million, from 2006 to 2012
  • The purchase of P80 million in insurance policies in 2014
  • A P16.85 million investment begun in 2014

The bank records came from the Senate. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV entered the documents that he said were from AMLC into the Senate records on Oct. 3 after delivering a privilege speech saying the president had more than P2.2 billion in questionable bank transactions.

Our analysis shows that the amounts Duterte and Sara listed in their statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) as cash on hand (COH), cash in bank (CIB) and investments for these years are nowhere near the combined value of their bank transactions as reflected in bank records submitted to the Senate.

Duterte only listed from P6.07 million to P13.85 million a year in cash. He began declaring investments only in 2008, at first P3.65 million and later P3.8 million a year starting in 2011.

Sara’s cash declarations ranged from P2 million to P4.32 million a year from 2007 to 2012. She reported annual investments of from P1.93 million to P2.67 from 2008 to 2012.

What this means: Based on the documents, father and daughter failed to declare from P44.25 million to as much as P85.73 million a year from 2006 to 2014.

For example, when 2011 ended, Duterte and his daughter still had three joint investments totaling P106.58 million, including a dollar placement, according to the bank records. But Duterte only declared P14.96 million in both cash and investments that year and Sara, P6.6 million—a shortfall of P85.03 million.

Republic Act No. 6713, which sets a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, imposes a range of punishment from fine to dismissal to imprisonment.

CLICK THE LINK FOR THE FULL STORY:  http://verafiles.org/articles/duterte-sara-fail-declare-p100m-investments-documents-show-1

Ang tanong: Ano kaya ang magandang gawin ng Duterte family para malusotan nila ang isyu ng kanilang SALN?




MABUTI PA ANG MGA HAYOP (Sa mga nagsusulong ng Cha-Cha)

MABUTI PA ANG MGA HAYOP (Sa mga nagsusulong ng Cha-Cha)

(Sa mga nagsusulong ng Cha-Cha)

Mabuti pa sa inyo ang mga buwaya
Kapag nabusog na’y di na naninila
Hindi tulad ninyong mga walang kabusugan
Sa yama’t kapangyarihan,
Sagpang pa rin nang sagpang sa naghihingalong bayan

Mabuti pa sa inyo ang mga baboy
Kontento na sa tira- tirang pagkain
Mula sa kung kaninumang hapag-kainan,
Hindi tulad ninyong nabubundat
Mula sa kabang yamang dapat ay para sa lahat

Mabuti pa sa inyo ang mga unggoy
Marunong magtakip ng mukha, marunong mahiya.
Hindi tulad ninyo na sobrang garapal, mukha’y makakapal
Bistado na’t lahat ayaw pa ring paawat
Ninanakawan ang bayan nang walang puknat.

Mabuti pa sa inyo ang mga aso
Marunong kumilala’t magserbisyo
Sa taong sa kanya’y nagpapakai’t bumubuhay.
Hindi tulad ninyong matapos palamuni’t payamanin
Ng sambayanang Pilipino
Patuloy na pinagtataksilan, nililinlang at pinapaslang.

Sige! Kayo’y humahalakhak!
At magpakalasing sa tuwa at galak

Sa inyong mga maitim na balak
Dahil habang sa Cha-Cha kayo’y umiindak
Nagmamatrsa ang bayang sa inyo’y magpapabagsak.

Pakingga ang kanta dito: https://soundcloud.com/joel-costa-malabanan/mabuti-pa-ang-mga-hayop-teksto-ni-danny-fabella

Teksto ni Danny Fabella
Musika ni Joel Costa Malabanan

Ang pagkamatay nina Carl Arnaiz at Reynaldo ‘Kulot’ De Guzman ay isa bang patunay kung paano naging berdugo at halimaw ang ilan sa ating mga kapulisihan over Duterte’s drug war?

Ang pagkamatay nina Carl Arnaiz at Reynaldo ‘Kulot’ De Guzman ay isa bang patunay kung paano naging berdugo at halimaw ang ilan sa ating mga kapulisihan over Duterte’s drug war?

Ulitin natin, mahal natin ang ating mga kapulisan. Sila ang ating tagapagtanggol. Sa kanila nakasalalay ang kapayapaan at kaayusan ng ating komunidad.

Trabaho nila na pangalagaan ang seguridad ng ating buhay at kabuhayan. Kailangan natin sila.

Itinatag ang ahensya ng kapulisan upang maging matibay ang ating komunidad laban sa krimen at karahasan. Mula sa ating mga buwis, binihisan natin ang ating mga kapulisan, binilhan natin ng baril, tsapa, posas at batuta. We put them on the streets to keep us safe 24/7. With our taxes, we pay for their hefty salaries.

Malapit tayo sa mga kapulisahan. May mga pulis tayo na kapamilya natin–ama, ina o kapatid. Ang iba ay ating kaanak, kaibigan, kaklase, kalaro, kasintahan o kapitbahay.

We idolize our policemen. We are proud of them. We look at them with high respect. Most of our kids even wish to be like them when they grow up.

At kapag katabi natin sila –lalo na kapag naka-uniporme, may dalang baril, tsapa, posas at batuta—we feel safe and protected laban sa mga masasamang tao.

Pero bakit unti-unting nawawala ang kinang sa tsapa ng iilan sa ating mga kapulisan ngayon?

Ito ba ay dahil sa “Kill, kill, kill” public statements ni Pres. Duterte?

Read and weep the resolution of the Department of Justice after it approved the filing of two counts of murder against Police Officers 1 Jeffrey Perez and Ricky Arquilita over the death of Carl Arnaiz and Reynaldo “Kulot” de Guzman last year:

 “As for Kulot, a 14-year old minor, he also sustained 28 stab wounds in various parts of his small body. Certainly, the acts of respondents in inflicting the injuries upon the victims caused severe pain and exhaustion to the entire body especially to the affected areas…

“The number of people involved in carrying out the evil purpose, the use of guns the number of shots fired plus the fact that Car Angelo was defenseless and unarmed at the time of attack clearly show deliberate intent to employ such means to ensure that Carl Angelo was left lifeless by the assailants…

“With his hands immobilized by a handcuff and while kneeling and begging for his life, respondents Perez and Arquilita shot the victim thrice at close range and as if this was not enough, respondent Perez got near the victim and fired two more shots using his gun directed towards the male victim who was already lying down…

“There is unanimity in the testimonies of witnesses alias Joe Daniel and respondent Bagcal. They were both present at the scene of the crime and were able to positively identify Carl Angelo’s assailants…

“When taken together with the fact that eyewitness Joe Daniel saw that a smaller person, fitting the description of Kulot was seated beside Carl Angelo inside the police car, as corroborated by the categorical statement of respondent Bagcal that Kulot and Carl Angelo were together inside the same police mobile car, the above circumstances create an unbroken chain that would reasonably lead to the conclusion that …respondents Perez and Arquilita are likewise responsible for his death….”

Ang tanong: Paano kaya natin matutulongan ang ating pinakamamahal na PNP upang mapangalagaan nito ang motto na “to serve and protect” the public after the brutal killing of Carl Arnaiz at Reynaldo ‘Kulot’ De Guzman (and many other “Nanlaban” victims)?




Mula ka Bernard Ong:



Go: “I have not intervened in the procurement of the DND of its computer system for its ships. I have not participated, nor intervened, directly or indirectly, in the transactions of DND.”


Duterte: “Look at your daily dose of your medicine. ‘Bong Go intervenes in the 15 billion?’ Who gives you an idea he can intervene? Where is his signature? Where is his statement? And where is your even, a point of reference?

I won’t brag but frankly, he is a billionaire. Go to Davao and ask who he is. This kind… it seems to appear that he’s intervening because of what? Money? The things that you are telling here never happened.”


In Jan 2017, Go sent DND Sec Lorenzana an unsigned white paper expressing preference for Hanwha Thales to provide the Combat Management System (CMS) for 2 Navy warships.

Lorenzana gave the white paper to Navy Chief Mercado. He wrote on an attached Post-it note: “1/12/17. To: Admiral Mercado. Ronald, This was given to me by Bong Go. Go over it and prepare a report/rebuttal to be submitted to the Pres.”

Lorenzana confirms he wrote the note, but said he had wrongly “assumed” that Go gave him the document. He claims he forgot who in Malacañang gave him the white paper.

A week later, Go’s office sent a letter to Rear Admiral Empedrad – the Navy OIC for the frigate project – inviting him to Malacañang to discuss the CMS selection on Jan 20, 2017.

USec Christopher Lao of the Office of the Special Assistant to the President admits sending the letter.

Empedrad would later submit a written report addressed to Duterte and Go.


1. Go and his team have zero technical expertise on military systems, who wrote the white paper?

2. Did Go send the unsigned white paper? If not, who did? Why?

3. Why did DND Sec Lorenzana presume the white paper came from Go? Is this the way Go operates?

4. Who attended Malacanang meeting? What was discussed? Where are the minutes of this meeting?

5. Is the sacking of Navy Chief Mercado indeed linked to Malacañang lobbying for CMS?

6. News reports say Mark Villar is the only billionaire in the Cabinet. It seems Bong Go’s SALN has not been made public. Is he the second billionaire in the Cabinet?

7. How exactly did Billionaire Go earn his billion? He has been the executive assistant and personal aide to Duterte since 1998, when he was 24 years old.

8. Did Duterte pay Go tens of millions each year? If so, from what funds? Did Go have other significant business? A lucrative sideline?

City halls rarely produce billionaires – unless it is Makati or Davao.

The denial – and the boss’ passionate defense – raises more questions than answers.

This now goes to the Senate for enlightenment, or more likely – the usual Komite de Absuelto charade.

Ang tanong:  Did Go send the unsigned white paper? If not, who did? Why?