NAKAKABAHALA! Karen Davila, may panawagan sa Dept. of Tourism after na aksidente ang anak sa Siargao

NAKAKABAHALA! Karen Davila, may panawagan sa Dept. of Tourism after na aksidente ang anak sa Siargao

Laman ng balita ang sikat na tagahatid ng balita sa bansa na si Karen Davila of ABS-CBN.

On Good Friday, March 30, Davila vented her bad experience of being a turista sa sariling bansa after her son met an accident in Siargao, ang surfing capital ng Pinas.

At habang nanawagan ang Duterte government for more tourists to visit our 7, 107 islands, the “unbelievable” travel experience of Davila and her family is a big slap on our face:




It was a first time trip to Siargao GONE WRONG.

Last March 28, Wednesday, I flew to Siargao with my husband DJ and our two boys, David and Lucas. We were billeted at Isla Cabana, a beautiful resort popular for its white sand beach front. Excited to experience Siargao, I immediately booked surfing lessons for my sons at 4pm, a perfect time for surfing, I was told, for it would be high tide.

Isla Cabana contacted Junrey Taoy, a seasoned surfing instructor whom the resort often outsourced for guests. Just a few minutes from the hotel, we rode a tricycle to Boardwalk Cloud 9, lined with motorcycles, surfing boards, surfing dudes and small gifts shops, it leads to the impressive beach which Siargao is becoming world famous for – massive rolling waves for surfing.

We needed two surfing instructors. So Junrey recommended a friend, Jocol Valerio, to train my older son David. I specifically told Junrey and Jocol, David needed special attention as he has challenges in coordination – being in the autism spectrum. David however is sporty and trains regularly, swims quite well, boxes and runs. Jocol said, almost flippantly, “madali lang yan, kaya yan”

There are 3 major surfing areas in Cloud 9 – Jacking Horse for beginners, Quicksilver for inermediates and Cloud 9 for experts, where surfing competitions are held every September or October.

My kids, ofcourse, trained at Jacking Horse. Waves were still strong. And I have to say, crowded with tourists – foreigners, locals, many with families and small kids.

After a few minutes of basic training on the beach, David and Lucas were off with trainers Junrey and Jocol, while my husband and I lay on the shore enjoying the view and the local vibe.

Around half an hour after….our son David ran to us BLOODIED, with his rash guard ripped apart and said, “Mom, I had an accident!”. I have to say, I was in a moment of suspended disbelief. My husband immediately attended to my son, as they searched for a life guard, a medic or a small first aid station in Boardwalk Cloud 9. I on the other hand, started calling out for my smaller son, Lucas who was still surfing on the beach.

After a minor commotion, with surfers screaming my son’s name, Lucas finally came to shore with his trainer Junrey. It took some time before we finally found David and my husband DJ at the end of the boardwalk.

I WAS SPEECHLESS. My son’s whole chest, was bleeding from crisscrossing abrasions (as you can see on the photo above) with a deeper gash under the right rib, clearly from hitting the rocks on the shallow waters, his chin bruised and covered with blood, his right hand in cuts like that from a small knife.

What got me very angry was Jocol Valerio, the trainer – suddenly dissappeared! My husband said after showing him the sari sari store where to buy the Betadine, cotton and gauze, he left them. No one was there to assist my husband or my son who was bleeding! No nurse, no first aid, NO ONE.

A couple minutes after, the owners of Isla Cabana came with a van, presumably after hearing the news from the locals. Owners Dingdong and Mildred Pabillore offered to drive us to the nearest hospital, which was at Dapa….would you believe, some 45 minutes away by car! Imagine if we had to take a tricycle!

At the municipal hospital in Dapa, there were no tetanus vaccines available. Mildred had to ask Junrey, Lucas’ trainer to take his motorcycle and buy Tetanus Toxoid & Tetanus Immunoglobin Vaccines, antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by the doctor. While there was a doctor and a nurse on duty, very helpful and attentive – there were no medicines. Foreigners were at the ER with us and I wondered, how do they attend to so many foreigners visiting the island with this set up?


Major accident involving a minor.
No first aid treatment at a busy tourist surfing site.
Missing surfing trainer who ran away.
Long drive to the hospital, with no medical supplies.


The next day, I was able to speak with the Mayor of General Luna, Jaime Rusillon and his daughter Dra Romina Rusillon.

They were kind of enough to visit at Kalinaw Restaurant where we were having lunch with some foreign guests who were also in Siargao for the first time.

I expressed my concern to the Mayor and raised alarm bells over the set up in Cloud 9.

My major points for concern:

1. I found out anybody who surfs in Siargao can train in Siargao. Some of the trainers are habal habal drivers, who train on the side for extra income. The instructors have no professional certifications. No requirement to be certified. No system of vetting trainers. Anybody with a surf board, who wants to earn P500 an hour can train. Period.

2. There are NO LIFE GUARDS on the beach. NOT ONE. This is crazy. The rising mecca of surfing, with hundreds in the water – and NOT ONE life guard to save tourists from possible drowning or injury.

3. There is NO FIRST AID CLINIC or trained medical personnel at the beach. NONE. Sari-sari stores sell Betadine, alcohol, cotton, gauze, tape – proof that injuries are quite common, with supply meeting demand. Problem is, they are able to sell the first aid meds but essentially don’t know who to assist you. In other words, “bahala ka na sa buhay mo”.

4. The attitude of some instructors on Cloud 9 is, “ay nasugatan”…. and stare at you like it’s absolutely natural. No panic, no rush, just local chit chat like it happens all the time, and it’s not that big a deal. Safety clearly isn’t top priority.

Now, let me make it clear. I am well aware, accidents happen anywhere in the world. Surfing is an extreme sport. But so is skiiing, bungy jumping, paragliding, diving….but accidents can be prevented. And they are in many tourist destinations by putting safety measures and first responders in place.

Junrey, Luca’s surfing instructor informed us that Jocol didn’t take David further out to sea, which is safer for beginners as there are no rocks. Clearly, Jocol IS NOT CAPABLE AND TRAINED TO TEACH MINORS.

Once a town is SOLD TO TOURISTS, the primary responsibility of both the national and the local government is to ENSURE THE SAFETY OF THE TOURISTS. PERIOD.

Mayor Rusillon gave me several reasons WHY there was NO CLINIC, NO NURSE, NO LIFE GUARD… “Karen, were a 5th class municipality and we lack doctors, and we are not ready for the influx of tourists, we were shocked”

WHAT?! I’m not going to detail… but wasn’t P1.2 BILLION allocated for Siargao to improve infrastructure to boost tourism? Wasn’t a multi million sports complex built?! All this infra and Siargao can’t afford to professionalize its trainers, put full time first aid clinic and life guard for tourists to support the VERY industry that put it’s name on the map?

Mayor Rusillon said, “Karen let me invite you to the Surfing competition this September, ayun, maraming nurse and life guard na ron, kompleto”

ANOTHER…WHAT?! I asked him, why not ask the resorts to chip in if you really don’t have the budget? With over 100 resorts in Siargao, imagine at P500 a month per resort, that’s P50,000 for a full time first aid clinic!

I spoke with Nino Barbers, one of the owners of Bayud Resort regarding this incident, as he is one of the officers of the Siargao Island Surfers Association and Siargao Tourism Operators Association, and he said, the resorts are basically on their own, with no help of assistance from the LGU.

Now, this is ridiculous. Siargao thrives on tourism. Both the LGU and resort owners, businesses are interdependent on the success of the island.

I call on the DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM to act on Siargao right away… life guards and first aid clinics at the beach ARE A MUST. AN EVERY DAY RESPONSIBILITY. It’s time we professionalize surfing instructors as they do in other countries. Let’s stop being a backyard operation that may cost the lives of people.

Our first visit was traumatic but I remain GRATEFUL. My son is safe, others may not have been so lucky. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and people who helped us along the way.

I want to highlight this so action can be taken before anything worse happens.

Hopefully, something good will come out of this for Siargao.

I love the Philippines.

Happy Easter everyone!

Ang tanong: Tama ba si Karen Davila sa kanyang panawagan?

TAMA O MALI? Trillanes, nakisabay sa panawagan ni UN Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein na dapat magpatingin si Duterte sa psychiatrist

TAMA O MALI? Trillanes, nakisabay sa panawagan ni UN Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein na dapat magpatingin si Duterte sa psychiatrist

“His murderous and erratic ways plus his crass, twisted and perverted statements are indicative of a deeply sick mind. Hindi ‘yan normal na pag-iisip, lalo na ng isang Filipino.”

Ito ang statement ni  Senator Antonio Trillanes IV last Sunday after sinabi din ni UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein that President Rodrigo Duterte “needs to submit himself to some sort of psychiatric evaluation.”

Dagdag pa ni Trillanes, kailangan ni Duterte ng psychiatric evaluation for the public’s safety.

“For the sake of the safety and well-being of the entire Filipino nation whose lives are subjected to his power, I call on Duterte to prove that he has a sound mental health by going through a psychiatric evaluation,”

Trillanes said.

Tama kaya si Trillanes at UN Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein sa kanilang sinabi against Duterte?

In a previous report by ABS CBN, Dr. Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists, in her report which was entered as  evidence in the annulment case by Duterte’s former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, said that Duterte was suffering from “Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” a condition characterized by “gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness,” “grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behaviors” and “pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings.”

Parts of the Dayan’s report used by Zimmerman in her petition for declaration of nullity of marriage in 1998 before the Regional Trial Court of Pasig City read:

“A highly impulsive individual who has difficulty controlling his urges and emotions. He is unable to reflect on the consequences of his actions.”

“Immediate gratification of his [Duterte’s] needs and desires is always expected; any delay can upset him a great deal.”

“Such lack of self-discipline often leads him to engage in unhealthy or destructive behaviors. However, he is not apt to see his behaviors as such, and instead sees these as merely exciting and challenging.”

“As it is, he has poor capacity for objective judgment. He fails to see things in the light of facts, or at least from the point of view of most people. He interprets his actions solely from his own viewpoint, which is blemished by his personal needs, biases and prejudices.”


“For all his wrongdoings, he tends to rationalize and feel justified. Hence, he seldom feels a sense of guilt or remorse.”

During the election campaign time, we recalled Duterte making rape jokes na parang wala lang sa kanya when he said: “T***a, sayang ito. Ang napasok sa isip ko, ni-rape nila. Pinagpilahan nila. Nagalit ako kasi ni-rape. Oo, isa rin yun. Napakaganda. Dapat ang mayor muna ang mauna.”

Sa kabilang banda,  umalma si Senadora Risa Hontiveros sa sinabi ni United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein  na dapat magpatingin Duterte sa psychiatrist.

“However, as a mental health advocate, I do not approve of statements and opinions about a person’s state of mental health (disclosed or undisclosed) that tend to be prejudicial, especially if the said remarks were made without any psychiatric or pyschological basis,” sabi ni Hontiveros.

Ang tanong: Tama ba o mali si Duterte at UN Human Rights commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein sa kanilang panawagan agaisnt Duterte?

TANDAAN NATIN! 'Kumpadre' (wedding co-sponsor) ni Duterte si suspected drug triad boss Peter Lim

TANDAAN NATIN! ‘Kumpadre’ (wedding co-sponsor) ni Duterte si suspected drug triad boss Peter Lim

“Itong si Aguirre maang-maangan pa sya na mukhang di nya raw alam yung kinalabasan ng imbestigasyon. Kaya siguro, kung may delicadeza itong si Aguirre dapat  mag-resign na sya bago sya sibakin ni Pangulong Digong at mag-concentrate ang ating gobyerno hindi sa pagtokhang ng mahihirapan kundi habulin yung mga smugglers at malalaking isda,”

Ito ang statement ng House of Representatives Makabayan bloc on Wednesday after they challenged Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II to resign  dahil sa Department of Justice’s (DOJ) panel resolution exonerating alleged drug triad boss Peter Lim, a wedding co-sponsor of Pres. Duterte, self-confessed drug lord Kerwin Espinosa, and 20 other suspected drug personalities.

“Napakalinaw na patunay ito ng pagiging peke ng war on drugs ni Pangulong Duterte. Matagal na nating sinasabi na itong so-called war on drugs tinatarget lamang yung mga maliliit na user at pusher samantalang pinaaabswelto, pinapakawalan or pinoprotektahan ang mga malalaking drug lord,” dagdag pa ng Makabayan bloc Cong. Antonio Tinio.

“Para patunayang hindi ito paghuhugas-kamay siguro isa nyang dapat gawin eh sibakin nya na ang kanyang Justice Secretary na si Aguirre,” Tino said sa report ng Inquirer.

While Aguirre announced na magkaroon ng bagong panel of prosecutors to review the resolution, sinabi ni Tenio na ito ay  isang “damage control”.

“All of these are damage control. Disyembre pa yun eh, ngayon lang ire-review? Pagkatapos na malantad sa publiko at nakita ang public outrage sa kalokohan ng desisyon na ito. Wag na tayo magpaloko, lantad na ang katotohanan.”

Ang nakakagulat sa lahat was that the DOJ panel decision, approved by acting-Prosecutor General Jorge Catalan Jr., was issued last Dec. 20, 2017, but was only reported last March 12, 2018.

Ang tanong: Ano kaya ang magandang gawin ng Duterte administration sa isyu na ito para makakabawi sila sa taumbayan?




NAKAKALULA! Sangkatirbang kasinungalinan mula sa drug war, ICC-mass murder cases, at apologists ni Duterte

NAKAKALULA! Sangkatirbang kasinungalinan mula sa drug war, ICC-mass murder cases, at apologists ni Duterte

Mula kay Bernard Ong:


So many lies unraveling in past few days. A feast for truth-seekers. Let’s pause and try to put all these in one place.


DOJ prosecutors dismissed cases versus Peter Lim, Peter Co, Kerwin Espinosa, Faeldon for “lack of evidence”.

• Not enough evidence because they did not want to investigate. No different from P6.4B shabu smuggler Davao Group – Small, Pulong, Tita Nanielet – who remain free.

• Public backlash forced Aguirre & Duterte to blame prosecutors. But prosecutors won’t clear top-ranked drug lords without bosses’ consent.

• Prosecutor who cleared drug lords was even promoted to RTC judge where he can dismiss cases versus drug lords.
• “I hate drugs” debunked by “I love drug lords”.

• Sham drug war. Small suspects get killed while big fish get away.

• Parallels with the ICC withdrawal below: same drug war, same mastermind, same intent to let the big fish get away unpunished.

• One loose end from this lie: De Lima is in jail principally on the testimonies of these drug lords. Not one gram of shabu or one centavo of drug money as evidence. If no drug lords, ergo no case. #FreeLeilaNow

• DDS in uncomfortable position of having to defend a drug protector. This is a game-changer. From now on DDS = #DuterteDrugSupporters




Duterte announced ‘immediate withdrawal’ from ICC via press conference. His reasons: UN officials were trying to paint him as a ‘ruthless and heartless’ human right violator, violation of his rights to due process and presumption of innocence.


• Withdrawal betrays ignorance of Rome Statute. Should be written notice to UN Secretary General. Effective only one year from receipt. Has no effect on pending cases. Duterte remains accountable for alleged crimes against humanity.

• He is mixing up UNCHR with ICC. He is facing an ICC investigation. ICC has not publicly indicated any pre-judgement on him. ICC has not violated his due process.

• Who is responsible for his ‘ruthless and heartless human rights violator’ image? Let’s see. He boasts of wanting to kill 3m, turning Manila Bay red with blood, making God weep, eating terror suspects alive. It is his own hubris and arrogance that created this ‘Punisher’ self-image. His entire political brand is built around this butcher.

• The UN is not responsible for 20,000 dead bodies from his drug war either. Image flows from reality.

• Those victims did not enjoy due process or presumption of innocence – which he now conveniently invokes for his benefit. Of course, Duterte is entitled to both. Which is why ICC preliminary investigations were initiated: to determine probable cause.



First the earlier spin was welcoming ICC and confidently expecting acquittal. Then when the boss flees from ICC, they parrot the ‘due process’ stand. Roque predicted “an avalanche of countries will withdraw from ICC. This is the beginning of the end”.

• From confidence in acquittal to running away from ICC. Change of tune betrays panic. Unlike local judges, ICC will not buy the Nanlaban excuse. An investigation will likely lead to indictment and ultimately conviction.

• DDS mantra “Kung hindi guilty, bakit ka takot” applies here.

• Avalanche of countries quitting ICC? Let’s see. In Oct 2016, 3 African countries – Burundi, Gambia and South Africa – filed their notices to leave. Burundi left in Oct 2017. Gambia (change of president) and South Africa (court ruling) both rescinded their withdrawals.

• Their primary reason for withdrawal? Burundi officials faced war crimes charges. Their exit is like Duterte – an attempt to evade accountability. This did not stop ICC investigation.

• Gambia & South Africa (plus Kenya & Namibia who did not file notice to leave) felt ICC was focused on only on crimes in Africa. How will African countries react to ICC finally investigating crimes in Asia?

• How many other heads of states are in same boat as Duterte that they would pull out ICC to evade justice? The usual suspects on human rights violations – China, Saudi, North Korea, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey – are not signatories. Russia signed but Putin said they would no longer ratify. US too has not ratified.

• Where will the avalanche come from? The only avalanche I see are the lies pouring out to defend the indefensible.
• Beginning of the end? Not for ICC. For the regime accused of mass murder.

Ang tanong: Papayag nalang ba tayo na maging ganito under Duterte administration?



|”ICC: At long last”

Ito ang pamagat sa isang article written by Atty Harry Roque himself back in August 25, 2011.

Dito ibinuhos nya ang kanyang kasiyahan with a mixture of “melancholy and pride” dahil ang bansa natin ay naging kasapi na to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Maliban doon, he thanked then Pres. Benigno Aquino III and the Senators for the membership ng bansa sa ICC.

“To be candid, I never thought that membership in the ICC was possible, at least before I become geriatric. This is because of the many atrocities under both the Marcos and Arroyo regimes that remain unpunished.

Well, it’s always a pleasure to be proven wrong. Here, credit should go to both the Senate and to President Benigno Aquino III. It was the latter who reversed the Arroyo policy of rejecting the ICC as a means of ending impunity.

On behalf of all victims of impunity, I express my gratitude to both the Senate and Pnoy for finally granting the Filipino people an effective remedy to impunity.”

Six years later, Roque is defending Drug War, Tokhang, EJKs (wala kuno), Nanlaban, Impunity. What happened?”

Ito ang tanong ni Bernard Ong, isang businessman at activist online.

“Media attention. Pork. Perks. Ambition. Opportunism. Duterte virus,” sagot ni Ong  sa kanyang sariling tanong.

Basahin nating ang buong pahag ni Roque:

ICC: At long last

After eleven years of lobbying, the Philippine Senate yesterday gave its concurrence to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. This will finally pave the way for the country to be the 117th state party to the International Criminal Court.

Ironically, Commission on Human Rights chairman Loretta Ann Rosales rightfully observed that 117 is also reflective of the voting pattern yesterday at the Senate: one negative vote and 17 affirmative votes!

It was Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile who cast the lone dissenting vote amidst his continuing concern that Philippine troops fighting real live insurgencies may be subject to nuisance suits before the court.

This is a concern that is readily addressed by the Rome statute since the court will only exercise jurisdiction on the basis of “complementarity”: only when our domestic courts are unable and unwilling to do so.

It was an afternoon of suspense, to say the least. Two days ago, I was at the Senate floor with no less than 100 supporters of the court to witness the much-awaited concurrence. We were disappointed. After the opening rituals, Senate Majority Floor leader Tito Sotto asked the senators to attend a caucus at the senators’ lounge.

We thought that the caucus was about the citation for contempt against the LTA accountant who was believed to be lying through her teeth. Little did we know that it was about the ICC! In a last-ditch effort to stall our membership in the court, the Senate President apparently warned the senators about his perceived downside of membership in the court.

Out of deference to their leader, the body then agreed to defer voting on the resolution for a day.

That was the cliffhanger. At least three senators warned me that it would be difficult to pass a resolution that the Senate President opposed. It was hence a long day of lobbying with seemingly endless telephone calls and text messages to any senator who was willing to listen. In the end, one senator claimed, “concurrence was never threatened at any point”.

Apparently, the one-day deferment was simply out of deference to Senator Enrile. The International Criminal Court was created to prosecute individuals who may commit the most serious crimes against the international community.

These crimes include genocide, defined as an “intent to destroy in whole or in part, a nationality, ethnic or religious group of people”; war crimes, defined as “targeting protected individuals and resorting to prohibited means and methods of warfare”; crimes against humanity, defined as “widespread or systematic attacks against civilian populations knowing that it is being directed against civilian populations”; and aggression, or the act of waging war.

The court will prosecute individuals without regard to sovereign immunity as a defense, a fact that has enabled the court to issue two warrants of arrests against sitting heads of state: Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and Moammar Gaddhafi of Libya.

Furthermore, it prosecutes individuals who are probably guilty of the foregoing crime on the basis of command responsibility. This principle provides that military commanders and sitting presidents may be held responsible for crimes committed by their subordinates where they knew about it and failed to prevent their happening. Furthermore, there is no prescription for these crimes.

This explains why very old individuals are still being tried for crimes that they committed as long ago as World War II.

The timely Senate ratification will also enable us to nominate a Judge to the court. Apparently, one seat is up for grabs for Asia in this year’s Assembly of State Parties election for Judges scheduled for December of this year. Had the Senate waited any longer, we would miss the deadline for nomination, which is already on September 2 of this year.

Of course we celebrated. Becky Lozada, Executive Director of the Philippine Coalition for the ICC, treated to a feast at a fusion Filipino restaurant at the trendy techno hub. But after the celebration, the reality set in that the task ahead are still challenging, if not daunting.

First, there is the procedure for nominating Judges. The Rome Statute provides that we must comply with the process of selecting Judges for our own Supreme Court, or through the Judicial Bar Council. Alternatively, we should comply with the process required for the nomination of judges for the International Court of Justice. The problem with both is the lack of time given the deadline of September 2.

Then there is the obligation under the Rome Statute to punish crimes cognizable by the ICC under domestic law and to do all acts necessary for a state party to cooperate with the Court.

Fortunately, the recently enacted International Humanitariam Law is sufficient basis for our courts to exercise primary jurisdiction for purposes of complementarity. It is only in the area of cooperation that we have to pass further legislation, executive orders and even revisions to our rules of court. This is a challenge since the need now is to lobby all three branches of government to ensure that our domestic laws and procedure are in synch with the Rome statute.

To be candid, I never thought that membership in the ICC was possible, at least before I become geriatric. This is because of the many atrocities under both the Marcos and Arroyo regimes that remain unpunished.

Well, it’s always a pleasure to be proven wrong. Here, credit should go to both the Senate and to President Benigno Aquino III. It was the latter who reversed the Arroyo policy of rejecting the ICC as a means of ending impunity.

On behalf of all victims of impunity, I express my gratitude to both the Senate and Pnoy for finally granting the Filipino people an effective remedy to impunity.



BAHAG ANG BUNTOT? Duterte, kumalas na sa International Criminal Court

BAHAG ANG BUNTOT? Duterte, kumalas na sa International Criminal Court

Bahag ang buntot?!

Wala na tayong mahanap na ibang salita to describe the action of Pres. Duterte on Wednesday that he is withdrawing the membership ng ating bansa sa  International Criminal Court (ICC) na siyang lilitis sa kanya sa darating na mga araw over the alleged “mass murder” charges and “crimes against humanity” happening under his administration.

Duterte’s signal for a retreat from the ICC came after ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced last Feb. 8 that they have started their preliminary investigation sa mga kaso against Duterte:

“The preliminary examination of the situation in the Philippines will analyse crimes allegedly committed in this State Party since at least 1 July 2016, in the context of the “war on drugs” campaign launched by the Government of the Philippines.”

“Specifically, it has been alleged that since 1 July 2016, thousands of persons have been killed for reasons related to their alleged involvement in illegal drug use or dealing. While some of such killings have reportedly occurred in the context of clashes between or within gangs, it is alleged that many of the reported incidents involved extra-judicial killings in the course of police anti-drug operations.”

With the reaction of Duterte, Sen. Antonio Trillanes has sensed that “malapit na ang araw ng paniningil.”


The withdrawal of Duterte from the ICC has no legal effect on the cases already filed before it because according to the Rome Statute, the effectivity of the withdrawal is only a year after the notification.

Therefore, all his offenses committed as documented in the Atty. Sabio communication, as well as our own communication, which I filed together with Cong. Gary Alejano, and offenses which he may yet commit up to a year from now are still covered by the ICC.

This is but a political move by Duterte because he knows that there is no way out for him in the ICC. Hindi nya ito kayang takutin gaya ng ginagawa nya sa mga korte natin.

But let me backtrack a bit. First, he said that he is willing to be jailed for what he has done. Then, he said that the ICC has no jurisdiction and that he has not committed any crime against humanity. Now, Duterte, by withdrawing from the ICC, has practically admitted that he is guilty of the allegations filed against him.

Mr. Duterte, magpakalalaki ka at harapin mo ang mga akusasyon laban sayo. 20,000 na Filipino na ang pinapatay mo. Maliwanag yan at nasaksihan yan ng buong bansa. Malapit na ang araw ng paniningil.

Ang tanong: Ano ang ating masasabi sa withdrawal ni Duterte sa ICC?

'Myles saw the people. Myles saw how the masses suffered at the hands of a society that was still semi-feudal and semi-colonial even now in the 21st century.'

‘Myles saw the people. Myles saw how the masses suffered at the hands of a society that was still semi-feudal and semi-colonial even now in the 21st century.’

A Thousand Myles

Many of us are lucky enough to grow up clothed, sheltered, and fed, provided by fathers and nagged at in worried voices by mothers (“Where’s your assignment for school tomorrow?!”).

We go to good schools and get an education and are taught that this is the only means to survive in the world. And that’s true.

We enter college in the hopes of providing for our future, learn a thing or two about struggle and struggling in 4 or 5 years, graduate maybe with honors, get a high-paying job, live our lives… All the luxuries in the world and all the opportunities you can ever have to push yourself forward in this predator-eats-prey world sitting right in the palm of your hands and all you need to do is to close that fist.

That’s the life Myles Albasin was brought into the world with.

Here we have a woman whose life was probably already written out and planned out for her, just waiting for her to step her feet into.

Someone who’s laughed and smiled with family, ate outside at a KFC or at high-end restaurants with friends, cried over small heartbreaks, and held broken hearts where they shouldn’t be.

Here is a woman who lived all this and loved this life and everyone around her with so much fervor and passion, it seeped into particular crevices of her existence, waiting for ignition.

Myles Albasin found herself loving life so much, she had to extend this love to other people and it was in no other form than service to them.

This staunch and passionate student leader and activist found herself in countless immersions with farmers, Lumads, the urban poor, workers, senior citizens, women, and many others who are among the most oppressed and marginalized of this nation.

She found herself among the ranks of multiple sectors of the basic masses as they formed mobilizations and marched down the streets of Osmeña Boulevard with their calls that have been echoing for decades now.

By the time groups reach Colon St., she would be there on that platform, microphone in hand, raised fist in the air, declaring, “Ang tao, ang bayan!” to which hordes of people would respond with, “Ngayon ay lumalaban!”

More than these mobilizations, Myles found herself among students and the youth as well, passionately explaining to many of them and teaching them the importance of the youth in nation-building, in militantly advancing the democratic rights of students, and in being more than just students enclosed in the four walls of a classroom. Going to a good school was not the only means for an education for someone like Myles.

There was learning that can only be taught in school but there was also learning that needed to be applied outside of it and it was far greater and far more important. And Myles knew and saw this.

Myles saw the people. Myles saw how the masses suffered at the hands of a society that was still semi-feudal and semi-colonial even now in the 21st century.

In her many immersions, Myles saw how land-grabbing kills farmers, how land equates to life for the Lumad, and the different faces of poverty that many of us only mock and ridicule.

She saw how the workers struggle to earn meager wages just to live for the next day and how women are oppressed and victimized through it all.

She saw the Filipino people and redefined what “struggle” meant.

It was not to struggle 4 or 5 years in college to graduate with honors and get a high-paying job, but rather it was to struggle with and for the oppressed and toiling masses, to strip herself of her luxuries and her opportunities and find her feet planted in the ground where many others before her have stood—among the people.

She had many opportunities, many among them others would want more than anything, but the feeling of the soil under her feet filled with the life and hope of a new nation must have been the one opportunity she wanted the most.

She closed in on it and embraced it.

No one has the right to judge her for the path she took after graduating. She was there to see it all. She has immersed and found herself serving the people and marching alongside them, and this has given her the resolve to continue the struggle—theirs and now hers.

But she is not the first. She will certainly not be the last. There are plenty others like her, those who chose to forego their luxurious and privileged lives in pursuit of liberation.

Soon, there will be many others like her as well, staunch and militant in serving the people, because for as long as the Filipino people remain oppressed, for as long as hunger prevails and exploitation remains at large, there can be no freedom for any of us.

The youth will make the ground shake and it will force the ruling elite who have amassed the people’s wealth all these centuries to think twice of themselves. Dictators will tremble and traditional politicians will start to feel fear trickle in their veins.

The youth, with the same blood of vigor, fervor, and passion that runs in Myles Albasin, will inevitably rise anew.

Ang tanong: Ano ang masasabi natin sa adhikain sa mga katulad ni Myles Albasin sa ating bansa?

BUKSAN ANG KAMALAYAN! Ano ang Dutertardism, kanyang mga sintomas at lunas

BUKSAN ANG KAMALAYAN! Ano ang Dutertardism, kanyang mga sintomas at lunas

Hindi kasalanan ng 16 million Duterte voters kung bakit sila tinawag na mga Duterte Die-hard Supporters o DDS.

Normal lang ang kanilang ginagawa bilang taga suporta ng isang pangulo whom they can give their trust and hope para sa isang masaganang lipunan.

Naging malaking isyu ang pagiging DDS kung ang iyong kaisipan ay sinasaniban ng isang mali o masamang konsepto tungkol sa usapin ng demokrasya, kalayaan, karapatang pantao, at wastong pamamahala ng bansa na kung tawagin ay DUTERTARDISM:


By Warden Phoenix

Dutertardism is a mental condition of being delusional that is afflicting almost 16 million Filipinos of almost all social stature.

One can get infected the moment he/she stops using common sense and Critical Thinking.

At a glance, those with Dutertardism appear normal but the moment Duterte is criticized, all symptoms appear at the same time, they hyperventilate and launches a barrage of invectives, non-sequiturs, ad hominems, ad bacculums and all those canned responses provided by Duterte Spin Doctors & Propagandists.

In a lot of instances, Dutertards, or those afflicted with Dutertardism threaten Duterte critics with violence.

Manifested symptoms of Dutertardism:


*Delusions that Duterte is heaven-sent and the awaited “Messiah” to save the Philippines from further degradation and self-destruction.

*Cognitive Dissonance

*Color blindness, the only color they recognize is Yellow

*They are blinded to Duterte’s constant flip-flopping, unrealistic & unkept Campaign Promises, lavish expenditures of Public Funds, Junkets, blatant disregard & violation of the Constitution, and the prevalence of Corruption, Patronage Politics, Political Dynasties, Impunity & Double Standard which was the same practice under Aquino’s

“Daang Matuwid” regime

*Disdain for the Constitution

*They accept Fake Articles & News from the likes of Mocha, Sassot etc as the Gospel Truth and their only source Current Events

*They label as “Biased & Destabilizers” any article from mainstream local & foreign media any article that is critical of Duterte, his policies and sycophants, yet, if these media entities write something positive about Duterte, they automatically hail it as “Fair & Excellent” journalism

Some of the common rebuttals of Dutertards to critics of Duterte:

*”Adik at pusher ka kasi kaya ayaw mo kay Duterte!”

*Ayaw nyo kasi ng PAGBABAGO kaya galit kayo kay Duterte!”

*”Bayarang DILAWAN kasi kayo!”

*”Bulag kasi kayo kaya hindi nyo nakikita ang PAGBABAGO!”

*”Lumayas kayo ng Pilipinas kung ayaw nyo sa Presidente namin!”

Is Dutertardism curable?

Yes, but it will be a very tedious process and those afflicted with Dutertardism first need to accept that they are enslaved by their delusions, then open their eyes to the prevailing realities happening under Duterte’s “Change is Coming” regime and start using their common sense & critical thinking faculties again.

Ang tanong: Ikaw, sino ang kakilala mo na may “Dutertardism” at paano mo siya tinulungan para buksan ang kanyang kamalayan sa totoong sitwasyon ng ating bansa?

GARAPALAN NA ITO! House Justice Committee, nagbotohan maski walang talakayan on every allegation sa CJ Sereno impeachment complaint

GARAPALAN NA ITO! House Justice Committee, nagbotohan maski walang talakayan on every allegation sa CJ Sereno impeachment complaint

“Voting 38-2 with zero abstentions, majority of the members of the House panel affirmed on Thursday (March 8) that there is probable cause in allegations that Sereno committed culpable violation of the Constitution, betrayal of public trust, corruption, and other high crimes.” – Inquirer reports

Ano kaya ang dahilan kung bakit nagmamdali ang House Committee on Justice in declaring na may probable cause sa mga allegations against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno when in fact they haven’t discussed every allegation in the impeachment complaint?

Narito ang mga pangalan ng mga congressmen who voted that there is probable cause against the Chief Justice:

1. Johnny Ty Pimentel

2. Raneo Abu

3. Eric Singson

4. Fredenil Castro

5. Gwendolyn Garcia

6. Mylene Garcia-Albano

7. Benhur Lopez

8. Rodolfo Fariñas

9. Ferdinand Hernandez

10. Juan Rimpy Bondoc

11. Arthur Defensor

12. Roger G. Mercado

13. Ann K. Hofer

14. Vincent Crisologo

15. Aurelio Dong Gonzalez

16. Victoria Isabel Noel

17. Gerald Anthony Gullas

18. Alfredo Garbin

19. Eugene De Vera

20. Anthony Bravo

21. Luis Jose Campos

22. Carlos Roman Uybarreta

23. Rodante Marcoleta

24. Romeo Acop

25. Abigail Faye C. Ferriol – Pascual

26. Ciriaco Calalang

27. Vicente Ching Veloso

28. Doy C. Leachon

29. Henry Oaminal

30. Strike Revilla

31. Roy Loyola

32. Marlyn Primicias-Aggabas

33. Lucy Gomez

34. Rose Marie Baby Arenas

35. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga

36. Xavier Jesus Romualdo

37. Rodel Batocabe

38. Ron Salo

Ngunit nagpapasalamat tayo sa Makabayan Bloc na naninindigan na walang basehan ang findings ng nasabing committee:


There is NO PROBABLE CAUSE to impeach Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. After several months of hearing the Gadon Impeachment Complaint, nothing was shown or proven that rises to the level of impeachable offense.

Contrary to the position taken by the majority members of the Committee on Justice, the Gadon impeachment Complaint failed to show probable cause that CJ Sereno committed any impeachable offense.

In fact, the grounds for impeachment were not even deliberated upon. The Committee went straight to voting whether or not there was probable cause, without enumerating the grounds for impeachment.

This proceeding is highly irregular. The members of the Committee voted as to the existence of probable cause without knowing or informing the public, specially the respondent CJ Sereno, as to which ground for impeachment such probable cause exists. This move is unprecedented; even during the impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and Former Chief Justice Corona, the committee enumerated the grounds for impeachment for which the committee found probable cause prior to taking a vote, since not all of the grounds alleged in the impeachment complaint satisfied the probable cause standard in these past cases.

What is sure is that this ceremonial voting by the Committee is part of the orchestrated and systematic maneuvering by the Duterte administration and its minions to force the CJ to just resign. It is also a sign that even after several months of hearing the same, the Committee has found nothing on CJ to impeach her.

It is unfortunate that instead of substantiating the allegations in the Impeachment Complaint, the committee proceedings became a platform to expose the internal bickering and personal issues of the members of a co-equal branch of government. Exposing these to the public only resulted in putting more questions to the integrity and independence of the judiciary – which, to many people is in fact illusory.

The proceedings likewise became a venue for fishing expedition. At the beginning of the proceedings, Complainant had been admonished quite frequently to present evidence that are not hearsay and are material to the allegations. But despite such order from the Committee, the Complainant failed to produce evidence sufficient to hurdle the probable cause standard.

Towards the end of the committee proceedings, it becomes apparent that Complainant himself does not believe in his impeachment complaint. Complainant even called for the CJ to resign instead and threatened court employees with graft cases. Complainant just last week said he preferred that CJ Sereno be ousted through quo warranto process. These pronouncements betray Complainant’s belief as to the weakness and baselessness of the impeachment case that he filed.

Recent events – the filing of a quo warranto complaint in the Supreme Court; the threats of filing graft cases against court employees is CJ does not resign; the indefinite leave of the CJ; the various cases subsequently filed in the Ombudsman – show an orchestrated and systematic attempt of this Duterte administration and his minions to heighten the pressure on the CJ to force her to resign instead.

It appears that even they are not convinced of the merits of the impeachment case that is why they are resorting to these extralegal and extra constitutional efforts.

Even the House leadership support the quo warranto complaint in the SC, and are willing to perform a self-clipping of its own constitutional power of impeachment, in order to give way to a seemingly more convenient approach of eliminating the CJ.

Nevertheless, despite these sorry state of our governance, one thing remain true – that the committee, despite many months of hearings, failed to show to the Filipino people any convincing ground to impeach the CJ.

We condemn this highly irregular impeachment process not only as a denial of the due process right of CJ Sereno but more so for being a grave disservice to the Filipino people.

Ang tanong: Ano kaya ang dapat gawin ng publiko para maipakita nila ang kanilang taos-pusong suporta kay CJ Sereno sa pambabastos ng House Justice Committee?

NAKAKAGALIT! Duterte, panay biro, panloloko, at panlilinlang sa usapin ng West Phillippine Sea

NAKAKAGALIT! Duterte, panay biro, panloloko, at panlilinlang sa usapin ng West Phillippine Sea

Kung may isang bagay tayo na natutunan mula kay Pres. Rodrigo Duterte when we elected him into office, ito ay ang kanyang paging mapaglinlang.

Nakuha nya tayo sa biro, sa isang murang palabas.

Nalaman din natin kung paano tayo naging isang mahina at tanga bilang isang bansa sa gitna ng kanyang panloloko, pambabastos, pananakot, panunupil at kawalan ng respeto sa karapatang pantao.

Higit sa lahat, mula sa kanyang bibig ay nalaman natin na handa niyang ipagpalit ang ating territorial claims sa West Philippine Sea para sa China.

Alamin natin kung paano binatikus ni Magdalo partylist Cong. Gary Alejano si Pres. Duterte sa isyu na ito:


Una sa lahat, ang basehan ng tao sa pagpili ng kandidato ay ang kanilang mga pangakong gagawin kapag sila ay naupo na sa pwesto.

Nais kong ipaalala na noong kampanya nangako ang pangulo na ipaglalaban ang ating karapatan sa West Philippine Sea sa punto pang magjejetski siya papunta doon upang itanim ang ating bandila. Ito ay seryoso dahil inasahan ito ng taumbayan.

Ngayon na sinasabi niyang biro lamang ang mga sinabi niya noong kampanya, ang lumalabas ay nilinlang at niloko niya lamang ang taumbayan. This is precisely what defines Duterte’s governance now – a joke.

It is becoming more apparent that this administration has no real intention of asserting our rights over our territories. Hence, the use of flawed narrative of going to war with China to justify their subservient actions. Defending our territorial integrity does not mean tough-talking and resorting to war. There is an array of non-military, non-confrontational, and non-provocative means.

It is clear in the UNCLOS, PCA ruling, and our Constitution that we have exclusive rights in our EEZ and any of China’s claims overlapping ours are invalid. Duterte’s proposal of joint exploration in the premise of “co-ownership” is a violation of the Constitution.

In spite of knowing this, Duterte is confident that the Congress and the Supreme Court will allow such betrayal of the Filipino people for these institutions have essentially lost its independence under the Duterte administration.

Ang ginagawa at gagawin pa ng administrasyong Duterte na pagpaubaya at tila pagbebenta ng ating mga teritoryo sa China ay klarong taliwas sa ating pambansang interes at seguridad hindi lamang ngayon kundi sa mahaba pang panahon.

Ang tanong: Bakit pabor ba tayo sa sinabi ni Cong. Alejano na wala tayong maaasahan kay Duterte sa usapin ng West Philippine Sea at China?